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Launched in the year 2014, after extensive research of a full range of medical centres ranging from 50 bedded facilities to 1000 bedded multi-speciality hospitals, FSiMed™ has been implemented and running successfully over more than 20 hospitals and medical centres in India, all within in a short time span of 4 years.

Our skilled team of professionals has been regularly appreciated for sincerity, dedication and hard work during implementations and support. Issues are handled with complete professionalism, and customer delight is kept at foremost when dealing with requests for support. A software extensively loaded with features which match the very best in the industry, coupled with our continuous effort in research on new features and latest technology, FSiMed™ is priced competitively to make this solution highly affordable for its value !

Why a Hospital Information System?

Generally, a Hospital Information System (HIS) is an element of health information that focuses mainly on the administration needs of hospitals. This definition has been extended over the last couple of decades to a more comprehensive one where apart from administration needs, HIS also help digitise patient records into EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of patients is now a necessity more than ever because of:

  • Fast Growing number of patients converted to the organized medical sector
  • Ever increasing competition with new healthcare setups creates need for patient database
  • Increased Medical Tourism creating need for world-class services
  • Increased Value and Necessity for Research based on EMRs
  • Medico Owners of Health setups need to spend more time and energy on medical practice and less on administration; yet cannot compromise with data loss or fraud
  • Resource attrition due to increasing competition requires software oriented business operations and policy implementation

Why FSiMed™?

A traditional HIS may not necessarily mean an Enterprise Solution which can automate ALL OPERATIONS of a hospital, and integrate with other speciality equipment and software for real time complete data availability. What you need is an HIS which extends to an enterprise solution and therefore answers most common present day requirements like:

  • Latest Technology Framework and full SCALABILITY
  • Centralised Administrative Control with Distributed user community
  • Highly Interactive system to ensure seamless data flow and sharing across the enterprise
  • Complete Solution on Patient Services with additional features on Hospital Management
  • Increased Paperless Workflows, rule based engine support for policy re-configuration
  • Quick ROI (Return on Investment) necessary for growth that comes with Cost Reduction
    through timely and easy access to right information, increased operational efficiency; all at
    affordable investment on software


FSiMed™ is a web based complete end-to-end hospital management software capable of paperless operations in medical centres and hospitals.

Guided by doctors, backed by extensive research, and designed and developed by professionals, its architecture and technology make it usable across all range from 50 beds to more than 1000 beds single/multi/super specialty hospitals and nursing homes.

  • Complete Enterprise Solution (HIS & HMS)
  • Web-Based Architecture – Simple, Secure Implementation and Real Time Data Accessibility
  • Bar-Coded Registration Cards, OPD Cards, Diagnostic Reports, IN-Patient Files
  • Seamless Integration of Modules with Full Data Sharing
  • Single step Patient Registration, Appointment Scheduling and Enquiry
  • Full Medical records of Patients in a Single View
  • Single Panel Administrative Control
  • Template based automation of Discharge Summary and Diagnostic Reports
  • Latest MVC Technology Framework
  • High on Scalability and Reliability – Top Performance in Peak Hours
  • Integration with Biometric Attendance System with Automatic Salary Sheets
  • DICOM Viewer for Real Time X-Ray/CT/MRI Images on Consultant Screen
  • Cash Management and Audit for Multiple Cash Counters
  • State-of-the-art Security Shell with screen access control and audit trails
  • SMS and e-Mail Promotional/Transactional Alerts for Management, Consultants, Staff and Patients
  • Customised Screens